Pharma Intelligence
Visual system and templates

Improving brand value and recognition for Pharma Intelligence.

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Structure, consistency and flexibility

  • Providing a consistent framework is fundamental to all campaign types and individual assets

  • Carefully considered composition with well thought out principles for layout, hierarchy, proportion, spacing and colour dynamics

  • Modular system of overlapping blocks provides flexibility to adjust and adapt to each campaign type or asset, maximising relevance and impact of essential content

  • Reinforces a powerful and distinctive look and feel while adapting to suit the needs of each communication piece

Real world, human imagery

  • Photography sets the scene and creates the context for the campaign in a real life, accessible and ‘human’ way

  • Imagery that is a reflection of the world in which we operate in order to support and tell our stories

  • Imagery can be reportage style – observations depicting industry, business or lifestyle scenarios

  • Imagery can be portraiture style – human, friendly with direct eye contact to camera to engage with the viewer